Create and die

“Sentient beings are like silkworms: create their own traps and die in them.”  ~Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche (via)

I like the imagery.  It’s kind of a thumbnail sketch of maya and karma and several other words that don’t have easy Western equivalency.


Find Out

“Instead of searching for what you do not have, find out what it is that you have never lost.”  ~Nisargadatta Maharaj


Experience to Let
by Ogden Nash
from I’m A Stranger Here Myself © 1938

Experience is a futile teacher,
Experience is a prosy preacher,
Experience is a fruit tree fruitless,
Experience is a shoe tree bootless.
For sterile wearience and drearience,
Depend, my boy, upon experience.
The burnt child, urged by rankling ire,
Can hardly wait to get back at the fire.
And, mulcted in the gambling den,
Men stand in line to gamble again.
Who says that he can drink or not?
The sober man? Nay, nay, the sot.
He who has never tasted jail
Lives well within the legal pale,
While he who’s served a heavy sentence
Renews the racket, not repentance.
The nation bankrupt by a war
Thinks to recoup with just one more;
The wretched golfer, divot-bound,
Persists in dreams of the perfect round;
Life’s little suckers chirp like crickets
While spending their all on losing tickets.
People whose instinct instructs them naught,
But must by experience be taught,
Will never learn by suffering once,
But ever and ever play the dunce.
Experience! Wise men do not need it!
Experience! Idiots do not head it!
I’d trade my lake of experience
For just one drop of common sense.


“Looking at life from a different perspective makes you realize that it’s not the deer that is crossing the road, rather it’s the road that is crossing the forest.”

A quick internet search finds this quote attributed to several dead celebrities, none of whom are likely to have actually said it.

Nevertheless, somebody said it, and I rather like it.