Garbage in…

“When we read a magazine, we consume. When we watch a television program, we consume. Whatever we consume affects our body and mind. If we consume toxic magazine articles, movies, or video games, they will feed our craving, our anger, and our fear.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

In 1970, three years before his first hit Piano Man, Billy Joel wrote a note and tried to kill himself by drinking a bottle of household cleaner (source).  He recovered, and went on to have 33 Top-40 hits over the next three decades.

Take a minute to consider all the songs we would never have heard if he had succeeded.

Now take a moment to consider all the songs we haven’t heard, because of the people who did.

And so it begins…

When you’re a child, you’re taught the simple colors:  red, yellow, blue, green.  You have a crayon box with eight colors.

Then you get a little older, and you learn that there are a lot shades in between colors, and you can mix two colors together to make a third, completely different color.  You have a crayon box with 64 colors.

Then you get even older, and you learn that the number of colors are infinite, and there are bands of light that butterflies can see but we can’t, and some kinds of light that no animal that we know of can see, but they’re there, and there are probably all sorts of colors filling the universe that our bodies and brains just aren’t equipped to detect.

And I think it’s the same way with religion.

“God is great, God is good,” is a great way for children to begin.   Religious texts and teachings are good ways to continue.

But don’t stop there.  The entire universe is about to open up.

Like a Storm

“When a feeling of sadness, despair, or anger arises, we should stop what we are doing in order to go home to ourselves and take care. We can sit or lie down and begin to practice mindful breathing. The daily practice of breathing can be very helpful. A strong emotion is like a storm, and when a storm is about to arrive, we should prepare so we can cope with it.”  ~Thich Nhat Hanh