Cat Cognition

Ádám Miklósi studies cats:

…he and his colleagues created two puzzles: one solvable, the other impossible. In the solvable puzzle, the researchers placed food in a bowl and stuck it under a stool. Dogs and cats had to find the bowl and pull it out to eat. Both aced the test. Then the scientist rigged the exam. They again placed the bowl under a stool, but this time they tied it to the stool legs so that it could not be pulled out. The dogs pawed at the bowl for a few seconds and then gave up, gazing up at their owners as if asking for help. The cats, on the other hand, rarely looked at their owners; they just kept trying to get the food.

That’s kind of what I expected:  cats think we’re useless.

You can read the whole article HERE.


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  1. I think I’m a little bit of both…a cat and a dog. There are times I really just WANT someone to help me; other times where I have the perseverance to keep pawing. both serve me well. ha


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