It’s hard to find much information on Corbett Bishop (1906-1961), which is a shame because I think we would have gotten along famously.

This story is copied from a website devoted to documenting the Civilian Public Service (CPS), which administered the Conscientious Objector program during WWII:

“Corbett Bishop was a totally unorthodox CPSer. Eventually he walked out of CPS camp and became a thorn in the flesh of the Bureau of Prisons (finally released absolutely unconditionally). Colonel Kosch, in charge of all CPS camps for the Selective Service System, and another government official were inspecting Corbett’s camp. Corbett rose at meal time and requested permission to read something to all present. What he read stressed that it was imperative to give unquestioning obedience to the state. He then asked for Colonel Kosch’s reaction, and the colonel said he certainly agreed with what Corbett had read. To which Corbett replied: ‘I rather thought you would. I have just read a passage from Mein Kampf.‘”

The source page is HERE, the site’s hompage is HERE.



  1. …that is why whenever I find myself compoletely agreeing with something that another person has said, I have to answer the question, “Why do I agree with this person?” to myself…


  2. Mel



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