Old Soldiers

It’s become the fashion locally to announce one’s veteran status before even the most mundane of statements:

  • “I am a veteran, and I didn’t get my newspaper today.”
  • “I am a veteran, and I would like to buy a gallon of paint.”
  • “I am a veteran, and I for $50 I will mow your lawn.”

A man was in the paper this week because his two kids were found unconscious in his pick-up on a hot sunny day.  They were hospitalized, and one of them died.  He whined in an interview, “Now everybody thinks I’m a bad parent.  And I’m a veteran!”

Last night Mona and went to see the play Always… Patsy Cline, about the life and music of (you guessed it) Patsy Cline.  Before they’d start the show, though, they made us all stand up, recite the pledge of allegiance, and give a round of applause for “any veterans that might be in the audience.”

They’ve really started laying it on thick.

I wonder to what end.


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  1. … the militarism of “Starship Trooper” with the unresolved wars of “1984” … if only I could be creative enough to write that story..!


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