Bowing Deeply

“Our difficult and very urgent task is to accept the truth that nature is not primarily a property to be possessed, but a gift to be received with admiration and gratitude. Only when we make a deep bow to the rivers, oceans, hills, and mountains that offer us a home, only then can they become transparent and reveal to us their real meaning.   It is sad in our days that we no longer believe in the ministry of nature to us.”   -~Henri Nouwen (via JulesOfNature)



  1. markonit

    … I wonder what would it take to change the way we thought to conduct such a change… getting rid of western monotheisim would be a start… then we could start with the rest…


  2. Mel

    Makes me wanna go hug a tree.
    No….really! I have a deep reverence for nature.


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