This is Teddy Roosevelt’s diary entry for Valentine’s Day 1884.

His mother had died that morning.  His wife died the same day, eleven hours later.  There’s no doubt it was the worst day of his life.

But- and this is why I found this not just tragic, but oddly inspirational- he bounced back.  He went on to do great things, have great adventures, live a great life.

Life knocked him down hard, and he found a way to get back up.  Of all the things he did in his life, that’s what impresses me the most.



  1. markonit

    Mona’s comment is so deep that I will leave my nothing and go on…


  2. mona bryner

    oh, oh , oh. tears. Yes, inspirational and amazing how he bounced back from that. There was a time in my life I wrote (and lived ) the words, ” all joy is gone,” and truly felt my life was over. Then I felt an Angel tap my shoulder and showed me where the new hope and light in my life was, and at that moment I wrote him a letter on a butterfly card and my life has forever changed.


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