Have you ever looked at a picture, and then zoomed in over and over until it’s all blocks of color and doesn’t look like anything at all anymore?

In between dreams last night, it occurred to me that that might be why things happen on earth that don’t make sense to us.  God is looking at things on a universal, eternal scale; we’re just too close to it to see what the picture is.

And to force the analogy even further, have you ever seen a screen where one pixel is messed up and constantly displaying the wrong color?  That’s why what we do down here is still important.

I, for one, don’t want to be that pixel.



  1. Mel

    And assuming there’s not a G-d, it’s still a good case for it ‘MATTERS’ what each and every one of us does. I like the analogy cuz it fits with what I’m constantly experiencing.


  2. markonit

    …if there is a G-d, then this could be a good analogy for reality …


  3. livihowe

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    Gives some perspective!


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