That’s our cat Melody.  I like the peaceful feeling this evokes; the carpet, the sunshine, the napping cat.

Cats can be a hard subject to photograph.  We have three, and they all respond differently.

Sam is the easiest- he’s curious to see what’s going on, but not curious enough to actually get up and go see, so we have a lot of pictures of him looking at the camera with his ears up and eyes wide.  Amanda is more fearful, and if she sees you holding something in your hands she doesn’t recognize she’s going to hide under the bed until you go away.  Melody is typically too curious, and charges the camera to see what’s going on.  We have a lot of blurry pictures of her Coming Straight Towards Us.

But this picture took her by surprise.


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  1. markonit

    …she is in a moment of feline contemplation..!


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