Michael Johnson

Mona got us tickets to see Michael Johnson at a little 100-seat venue in Winnsboro, Texas.  If you are Of A Certain Age, you’ll recognize him from Bluer than Blue or That’s That, but the song above is my favorite of his- it’s a unique blend of sadness and hopefulness.

Most of East Texas is like something straight out of Deliverance– a toxic cesspool of xenophobia, selfishness, and self-righteous stupidity – but we’ve had nothing but positive experiences in Winnsboro.  It’s everything you’d want a small town to be:  charming, friendly, and inviting.

I’m looking forward to this trip.



  1. …I am wondering what differentiate’s East Texas from West Texas…

    …his voice sounds is that of the many overlooked singer-songwriters of the 70’s … I could sit at a table in a lounge nursing a drink and softly lolling back and forth to the melody with a special woman sitting across from me…


  2. Oh! I am,too! I love new experiences with you and this will be extra special!


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