“You know what your problem is? In order not to suffer, you prefer to fool yourself.”  ~Winter Sleep (©2014) (via)

I am a master at distracting myself.

It’s a useless skill.

In my experience, you can delay suffering- but that doesn’t prevent it.

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  1. I think most people try their hand at this technique-including myself. I used to “think” I had this super thick wall around me. I would tell myself that I won’t get deeply involved, so therefore, I can’t get hurt. But if you go your entire life like that, you won’t be able to feel and love deeply, either. Even when it comes to having a pet; I ‘ve heard time and time again that someone won’t ever get another pet because they die and they don’t want to hurt that way again. Yes, we’re going to hurt- and hurt like hell. But, if you don’t let yourself love, hurt, cry, feel elated-you’re not letting yourself truly live.


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