Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker fans will like this article:  The Complicated Racial Dynamics Of Joe Cocker’s Legacy

Don’t let the weird headline turn you off.  Here’s an excerpt:

When people think about Cocker in ten or twenty or fifty years, if they do, what do you think—or hope—will come to mind?

The fact that his act wasn’t an act. He was really engaged with the music. He is the music. I think that’s what’s so beautiful about him. He was exaggerating, but only because he felt the music so strongly; he connected so deeply with it. I think there’s a level where black and white isn’t an issue anymore; it’s, “how deep do you let music go?” I look at my 19-year-olds in my class, and their emotional worlds don’t hinge on music. And I think Joe Cocker is the perfect personification of someone for whom music was everything. It was life itself. that’s his great legacy.


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