“I’ve met a lot of people who are rich and famous, and all this and that. And I’m fortunate to have gotten to the point where, now, I just meet ‘people.’ Whatever they think they are, whatever they would like to be, whoever they really are, I just meet them and I see them. I don’t have to ‘know’ you, to KNOW you. You represent to me whatever twinkle comes through your eyes. I mean, that’s your richness, to me.”  ~George Harrison in a radio interview with Levi Booker, KLOL Houston (Nov. 1974) (via)



  1. He didn’t enjoy talking to interviewers or the press. When he did talk and he was relaxed, boy the wisdom flowed out to the ones who wanted to hear it for what it was worth. I really enjoy listening to him talk because I didn’t all of those years ago.


  2. markonit

    … I like to think of it as more of a gleam… but I appreciate George’s intention …


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