“Words and questions come from the mind and hold you there. To go beyond the mind, you must be silent and quiet. Peace and silence; silence and peace – this is the way beyond. Stop asking questions.”  ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Part of being human is that horrible things happen from time to time.

When I was younger something awful happened to me, and I nearly drove myself nuts asking “Why?”  Really, there would not have been an answer that would have made me nod my head in agreement and say “Oh, that makes sense.”

My mind was just running in an endless loop, like an ant on a Möbius strip.

Healing and peace didn’t come until I stopped asking why, and just accepted that it was.



  1. Mel

    Mona is wise.
    I agree. It’s when I stopped looking for answers, when I accepted and got off that dime and outta that dessert–things got different. Funny, a lot of the dots connected for me later on….some may never connect and that’s okay.


  2. Oh, how I feel this is the hardest part of growing up! People will ply you with every possible thing to try to help you heal, but eventually, it HAS to come from deep within-usually a strength you didn’t know you even possessed.


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