From a TED Talk by Guy WInch:

I once visited a day care center, where I saw three toddlers play with identical plastic toys. You had to slide the red button, and a cute doggie would pop out. One little girl tried pulling the purple button, then pushing it, and then she just sat back and looked at the box, with her lower lip trembling. The little boy next to her watched this happen, then turned to his box and and burst into tears without even touching it. Meanwhile, another little girl tried everything she could think of until she slid the red button, the cute doggie popped out, and she squealed with delight. So three toddlers with identical plastic toys, but with very different reactions to failure. The first two toddlers were perfectly capable of sliding a red button. The only thing that prevented them from succeeding was that their mind tricked them into believing they could not. Now, adults get tricked this way as well, all the time. In fact, we all have a default set of feelings and beliefs that gets triggered whenever we encounter frustrations and setbacks.

Are you aware of how your mind reacts to failure? You need to be. Because if your mind tries to convince you you’re incapable of something and you believe it, then like those two toddlers, you’ll begin to feel helpless and you’ll stop trying too soon, or you won’t even try at all. And then you’ll be even more convinced you can’t succeed. You see, that’s why so many people function below their actual potential. Because somewhere along the way, sometimes a single failure convinced them that they couldn’t succeed, and they believed it.

You can see his whole talk online HERE.  It’s one of the best talks I’ve seen, and I think you’ll find it worth your time.



  1. markonit

    … you were right… I did thoroughly enjoy watching this talk (and over and again)…


  2. great article !
    I’m enjoying reading your blog it has an inspiring energy on it! I’d be very pleased to read your new posts soon enough
    Have a wonderful day


  3. Mel

    WOW. Talk about a powerful speaker.
    Worthy of a second view!


  4. What a profoundly moving speaker! Thanks for sharing this!


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