I have always done this, too.

I’m especially fascinated by the ones who walk by, who enter and exit a scene.  Somebody had to make the decision that the scene would be better if there were an anonymous person walking around in the background.  Somebody is off-stage, cuing these people when to come in, how fast to walk, and when to leave.

I think it would be really hard to consciously make a scene look normal.

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4 thoughts on “Extras

  1. Because of my husbands keen interest in filming (amazing how using that word dates me), I have been privy to many camera angles, editing cuts, acting extras, lighting sources, and set design. Lately, we have been noticing and feeling sorry for the people who won’t be getting their union card punched (there I go again!). Is it still true, if the actor does not speak, they don’t get paid much or get credit in the acting union?


  2. … but I would look at the extras and the small parts of the scene in shows and wonder what their story was and why did their life place them in that exact moment…


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