I’ve been really, really sick the last few days.  I’m taking a bunch of pills and potions, and I’ll be fine, but for right now things are a little foggy for me.

I can’t really read right now (my mind keeps drifting),  so I’ve been looking at pictures in my art books.

When I was younger, the only medium that really had an emotional impact on me was music.  You could read me a poem or stand me in front of a picture, and I would nod and say “That’s nice,” but I wouldn’t really feel anything.

As I’ve gotten older, my horizons have broadened.  I can look at a picture, or read a poem, or enjoy a garden, and get the same impact that used to require a guitar solo.

I can’t tell if this post if fuzzy or not.  If it is, I’ll clean it up later.

3 thoughts on “pow

  1. Awww…feel better. Do what you need to do to take care of you.
    And no, this one isn’t the least fuzzy.
    Take care.


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