“How much beauty goes unnoticed as we hurry from place to place during the course of our busy days? How many flowers and trees do we go by without noticing their colors or their marvelous complexity or their scents? How many rainbows go unseen by how many people because we close ourselves up indoors when it rains to “protect” ourselves from the elements? How many snowfalls go unenjoyed because it’s too cold outside or we don’t want to bother to put on our gloves and coats and boots and hats to keep us warm and dry?”  ~Tom Walsh (via)

I got to see Paul Simon in concert several years ago, and one moment I’ve never forgotten was when he paused between songs and said, “Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how wonderful life is.”

I try to do that often.


One thought on “Because

  1. …I do that from time to time… or, it sometimes overwhelms me and I am awash with amazement at the beauty of my life, the world around me and the world that I have yet to discover… man, I am such a lucky cat..!


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