Three Celebrities Who Inspire Me

They say the only thing a non-conformist hates more than a conformist is a non-conformist who doesn’t conform to the rules of non-conformity.

Well, Tiny Tim never conformed to anything.  He was completely unaware that social norms even existed.

He wanted to sing songs from the 1890’s, in whiteface, in falsetto, accompanied only by his ukulele, so that’s what he did.  That’s what made him happy.

When Johnny Cash died, I watched one of the many tribute concerts where a lot of his friends got up and spoke a few words about what Johnny meant to them.  One man said that when Johnny saw he didn’t have a coat, he gave him one of his.  Another said that when Johnny found out he was sleeping on the floor, he made sure he had a bed.  Steve Earle said that when he got out of prison, Johnny came over with a big basket of biscuits and spent the afternoon with him.

Nobody said “Johnny Cash wrote me a big fat check,” although I’m sure he wrote his share.  What they remembered were the little things that showed he was paying attention, and cared.

I know I’m never going to be able to write a big fat check, but I can certainly come over with a basket of biscuits.  It turns out that’s more important, anyway.

Leonard Nimoy was a lot more than just Spock.  He was an actor, director, singer, writer, poet, photographer, and activist.  When he wanted to try something new, he jumped in with both feet.

Not everything he did was a commercial and critical success, but he certainly had a happier and more interesting life than if he’d never tried.