You’re a *WHAT* !?

I’m a Communist Hippie Hare-Krishna Pro-Gun Control Pro-Choice Deadhead Vegetarian living in East Texas.

Do you know what part of that upsets people the most?


And, as a parallel issue, I truly believe the Drug of Choice for most Americans is “outrage.”  Nothing beats the surge of adrenaline that accompanies Righteous Indignation- and there’s no shortage of pushers to give these junkies their fix.

Non Sequitur is on the web HERE.


One thought on “You’re a *WHAT* !?

  1. …in referencing a post that I commented on earlier today… people have trouble engaging their critical thinking and thanks to the distractions that prevent most from being present in their own world, not even the universal one that we all occupy, the tension between their wants and desires spring up and is loosed on the things that matters least to them and more than a little to someone else…


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