Link:  Olive Garden Is Putting A Tablet At Every Table For Customers To Place Their Order

I hate hate hate this trend.

I don’t want to place my own order.  I don’t want a steady stream of advertising in my peripheral vision.   I don’t want to stare at tiny screens at all.

I have advertising bombarded at me all day long, and part of the pleasure of going out to eat is getting away from it.  When I go out, I want good food and good conversation with my friends and family.

I want to escape the gaudy chaos.


One thought on “Bah.

  1. …I am with you… but it is the constant lack of human interaction that I find that I miss/detest the most in the service industry… it only fuels my personal paranoia of how easily the class warfare will become separation between populations and those who are on the wrong side of the equation, the masses, will fight amongst one another for the leavings of those who shape their lives…


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