Don’t let her see a cloudy sky…

From The Fire Squire:


Today’s Georgetune is one highlighted recently on the LFG FB page, here’s the wonderful ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’ performed at the infamous Decca audition, and led by 18-year-old George doing his best Buddy/Elvis/Bobby impression – and crikey, he’s great.

Based on this, I’m surprised Dick Rowe didn’t say “Well I’ll take the singing guitarist with the eyes, but get rid of the other three.” ;-).


This song was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, and was Bobby Vee’s biggest hit single.  Full lyrics HERE.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let her see a cloudy sky…

  1. …the Beatles..! It is often forgotten that before they became the greatest band in history, that they were once unknowns shopping demos and auditioning..!


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