Don’t let her see a cloudy sky…

From The Fire Squire:


Today’s Georgetune is one highlighted recently on the LFG FB page, here’s the wonderful ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’ performed at the infamous Decca audition, and led by 18-year-old George doing his best Buddy/Elvis/Bobby impression – and crikey, he’s great.

Based on this, I’m surprised Dick Rowe didn’t say “Well I’ll take the singing guitarist with the eyes, but get rid of the other three.” ;-).


This song was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, and was Bobby Vee’s biggest hit single.  Full lyrics HERE.


  1. …the Beatles..! It is often forgotten that before they became the greatest band in history, that they were once unknowns shopping demos and auditioning..!


  2. Anonymous

    I really like this! thankx for sharing! nice!


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