Whoah-ho, what I want to know…

Excerpts from Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Angels ©1965, chapter 98:

Let’s be like David Dangell¹, let’s pray on our knees in privacy– Let’s say “O Thinker of all this, be kind”–Let’s entreat him, or it, to be kind in those thoughts– All he has to do is think kind thoughts, God, and the world is saved– And every one of us is God– What else? And what else when we’re praying on our knees in privacy?

“What can I do?” I say. “Except advise kindness.”

“O kindness be damned!” yells the world. “Let us have order!” Once order comes, the orders come– I say “Let us have forgiveness everywhere– try as hard as you can– forgive– forget– Yes pray on your knees for the power to forgive and forget– then all will be snowy Heaven.”

¹Psuedonym for Phillip Lamantia


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