An excerpt from Seymour Glass’s diary in Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters by J.D. Salinger, ©1963:

“The announcer had them off on the on the subject of housing developments, and the little Burke girl said she hated houses that all look alike– meaning a long row of identical ‘development’ houses. Zooey said they were ‘nice.’ He said it would be very nice to come home and be in the wrong house. To eat dinner with the wrong people by mistake, sleep in the wrong bed by mistake, and kiss everybody good-bye in the morning thinking they were your own family. He said he even wished everybody in the world looked alike. He said you’d keep thinking everybody you met was your wife or your mother or father, and people would always be throwing their arms around each other wherever they went, and it would look ‘very nice.’”


One thought on “Nice

  1. …something that an insecure and frightened child would say… or a child, wise beyond its years, who sees the madness in eternal consumption, predicting the rise of the affluence and drone-like world of the suburbs…


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