These are the things you typically find on me or with me.

My wallet, of course.  Mine is hemp and I got it at a little Fair Trade store downtown.  I don’t like leather, partly because it’s made out of dead things and partly because it’s bulky.  Hemp is lighter weight and lasts longer.

My wedding ring.

My car keys.  I have the veterinary tags from my favorite cat, Alice, and my favorite dog, Gracie, on the ring.  They’re both gone, but they’re both still with me.

A magnifying glass, because there are lots of things that warrant a closer look.

Ear plugs, because I seem to have more sensitive hearing than most.  It would be impossible for me to go to the movies without them.  Usually I can take them out after the previews, but those booming explosions you hear from the Coming Attractions can trigger massive, painful headaches.  I keep little stashes of them in my car and in Mona’s car, too, so I’m never without them- they’re that essential.

I typically let my long hair flow free, but I keep a band to tie it back on windy days.

I need to wear the “Penicillin Allergy” tag, and I wear the others because if I’m unconscious I want people to know more about me than just my medical peccadilloes.  (”Peccadillo” isn’t the precisely right word. I just wanted to say it.)

The glasses are the latest addition.  They’re tinted to minimize the problems all the floaters in my eyes cause.  They aren’t as dark as they look- they don’t work like sunglasses- but they do make the sky just a tad bluer.  I like that.


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