Preconceived Notions

A friend recommended this book to me quite a while ago, but I put off reading it because I’m a snob.

I saw the author was Louis L’Amour and I thought “Dime-store cowboy novelist.”  I saw the title The Haunted Mesa and thought “Ooh!  Just like The Hardy Boys!”

And being a snob almost cost me something wonderful

It’s an imaginative, well written book centered around how we unconsciously shape new ideas to fit our preconceived notions, and what a mistake that can be.

It’s worth your time.


4 thoughts on “Preconceived Notions

    • It’s a novel, but a lot of what he writes about the indigenous people of the South-West is accurate.

      (I read about this book a little online, and apparently it’s quite a bit different than the other books he’s written.)


  1. …isn’t it ironic how reading this book was a lesson in letting go of certain constructs and to gain the teaching, that you first had to remove preconceived notions of the author..?


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