One thing I learned fairly quickly with Apple products:  Never update an app that works.  There’s no way to roll back to a previous version, so wait for the reviews to come in.  Nine out of ten times you’ll be glad you held out.

Well, apparently the frustration isn’t just on our end, it’s also hell on the software companies.  After the latest operating system update one of my most used apps, NoteSuite, threw in the towel.  They provided a free utility to export your data into whatever new app you want, but they aren’t updating their program anymore.

Pretty Good Solitaire, the best of the best among solitaire games, is trying to update their software to work with the new OS, but Apple seems to delight in creating new hurdles for them to jump over.  Read their blog HERE – it’s a case study in how to shut out developers.

Both programs still work for me.  There are perks to being a late-adopter.


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