An excerpt from The Autobiography of William Allen White, published in 1946:

Later in life, when I saw beautiful architecture, I looked at it with the same eagerness and happiness that had come whenever I had encountered beauty.  It was many years before I realized fully that the quickening impulse of eager satisfaction which comes to one who sees beauty is the same kind of gladness, no mater what form beauty takes– poetry, philosophy, music, architecture, love, and delight.  Something in the structure of man’s mind and heart vibrates with a profound sense of well-being to all the manifestations of beauty that the senses encounter.  I did not know it when I was a boy, but I am sure now that the beauty of whatever kind one feels is God– the Universal Soul of things– trying to speak the common language to man’s heart.


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  1. markonit

    The universal soul of things… now that is an image I could get behind..! You are very adept at the selections you choose in your readings..!


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