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So Mona and I went to see Mannheim Steamroller a few days ago, and long story short:  they stink.

It turns out Mannheim Steamroller has two bands touring under that name, neither of which contains a single founding member.  They played songs from their albums exclusively, with identical note-for-note arrangements.

Some parts were pre-recorded, and I honestly have no idea which parts were live and which were Memorex.  The sad thing is, it doesn’t even matter.

This was essentially a charmless cover-band.  I feel like I bought a ticket just to watch their videos- the exact same videos that have been playing on PBS for decades.

They told us at least three times during the performance where we could go to buy their merchandise.  I don’t mind that when the performer is an up-and-comer struggling to make ends meet, but when a highly profitable corporation does it it reeks of greed.

Just stay home and listen to their albums.  You’ll have a better time.


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  1. markonit

    …thanks for the heads up … next time, wait for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra ..!


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