“I know why.”

In this excerpt from A Historical Reader:  The Holocaust, Gerda Weissmann Klein writes of her experience as a Jew being rounded up for deportation by the Nazis in 1942:

We had all assembled.

Why?  Why did we walk like meek sheep to the slaughterhouse?  Why did we not fight back?  What had we to lose?  Nothing but our lives.  Why did we not run away and hide?  We might have had a chance to survive.  Why did we walk deliberately and obediently into their clutches?

I know why.  Because we had faith in humanity.  Because we did not really think that human beings were capable of committing such crimes.

2 thoughts on ““I know why.”

  1. That’s horrifying. It says a bit, though. I always wondered. I suppose the same is true of the people kidnapped from Africa and sent to the Americas. Who could’ve believed what was in store?


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