For fear of consequences…

Another excerpt from Al Smith’s autobiography, Up to Now ©1929:

The Anti-Saloon League maintained an active and vigorous lobby at Albany at all times and exercised a widespread influence over the representatives of country districts.  The lobbyists were paid and felt they had to earn their salaries at least to some degree.  They therefore made it their business to stir up something every year.  Not one, but probably a dozen men from rural sections have said to me in private conversation that they did not believe in a given excise or local option bill, did not believe it was in the best interest of the state, and did not believe it would accomplish what was sought by the sponsors, but were afraid to vote against it for fear of the consequences on Election Day.  In fact it was largely a campaign of intimidation.

Substitute “NRA” for “Anti-Saloon League,” and you could print that in tomorrow’s newspaper.


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