“Other than the burning eyes and cancer, it’s quite safe.”

From the Tyler Morning Telegraph:

This month’s water bill comes with some added reading material – a glossy four-page color pamphlet explaining recent issues with the city’s water supply and assuring residents the water is safe.

Apparently, this is some new definition of “safe” that I haven’t heard before, because what the pamphlet actually says is that the water can irritate our eyes and increase our risk of cancer.

The pamphlet goes on to suggest that if burning eyes and cancer are unacceptable to us, we should buy and install filters to remove the haloacetic acid.


  1. markonit

    … Texas is such an antagonistic state when it comes to the health and welfare of its citizens…


  2. V. Alarcón-Córdoba

    At least they get a warning. Right? he says, with uncertainty.


    • We didn’t even get that until Erin Brokovich raised a stink. Thank God she’s still out there, keeping tabs on things!

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  3. just sucks


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