“Next door there is a dog with the waggiest tail!”

Mona mentioned my grandmother Kathleen to me last night, and I unexpectedly burst into tears.

I’m weird about emotions.  I admire people who can express them freely, but hold myself to another standard; when I express them, I immediately reproach myself:  “Stop being such a baby!  What’s the matter with you?”

I have to remind myself that there’s nothing the matter with me.  Emotions are what make us human.  Just don’t take them too seriously.

In the last letter I ever sent her, I had told her that my cat Alice died, just short of her 20th birthday.  I had included a picture of myself in a big floppy hat, and at the time my beard reached halfway to my belt.

Below is the last letter Kathleen sent to me.  She died just a few days later, at the age of 98.

I’d like you to meet her:

Kathleen 20080511_0001 Kathleen 20080511_0002 Kathleen 20080511_0003


One thought on ““Next door there is a dog with the waggiest tail!”

  1. Thomas, this is just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for introducing her to us. She is someone I am sad that I did not get to meet- but I get to know her more, through you.


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