Sign O’ The Times

An excerpt from Alben W. Barkley‘s autobiography That Reminds Me–, ©1954, written when he was 77 years old:

From time to time one hears that modern kids are being raised “too soft,” and that the modern generation is “going to hell.”  In my own adult life, covering more than half a century, I have heard this so many times that I almost start to believe it myself every now and then.  But then I see how youth stands up under such cruel and arduous tests as two World Wars and the Korean conflict, and I am convinced that this talk of “soft” youth is a lot of bunk.  What I say goes for the girls as well as the boys, for many a time I have heard lamentations and wailings over the reckless course of the “flapper” and the “jazz baby” and whatever they call them today; yet American girls are making intelligent and devoted wives and mothers.

No, I have a great deal of faith int the so-called “modern generation”– and I have seen quite a few of these “modern generations” go by.  Whatever the peculiarities of the the times are, they usually work out their own problems according to the needs of their generation.

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