Human, being.

I am very glad, indeed, to have this opportunity to address the two Houses directly and to verify for myself the impression that the President of the United States is a person, not a mere department of the Government hailing Congress from some isolated island of jealous power, sending messages, not speaking naturally and with his own voice– that he is a human being trying to cooperate with other human beings in a common service.

Those are the words President Woodrow Wilson used to open his first address to a joint session of congress.

I like them.

I think people sometimes forget that behind the grandstanding and theatrics of Washington life stand  real human beings, bearing the same strengths and frailties we all do.  Not gods, not demons; just a bunch of guys.


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  1. …uh, I do have to through the “racist douchbag” penalty flag on WW… (beg your pardon)


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