I don’t want to fade away…

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I used to be afraid I’d fade away.  I didn’t want to be the face in the yearbook that seemed vaguely familiar, a gauzy memory of the weird kid who didn’t want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

I’m not afraid of that anymore.  Everybody fades away.

Consider Alexander the Great.  You know the name, you might have a vague idea that what made him “Great” was  that he invaded a lot of places a Very Long Time Ago.  But do you really know him?

Do you know the goofy things he did when he was in love?  Do you know what made him laugh, the stories he liked to tell, what his favorite breakfast was, how long he cried when his mother died?

Nope.  He faded away.

Consider more recent history.  Can you name the first seven Presidents of the United States?  Probably not, and least not without effort- but they were very big in their time.  (As an aside, I bet you can name the seven castaways on Gilligan’s Island, and you’ve probably already started singing that little jingle in your head to jog your memory.)

So anyway, everybody fades away.  You might find fame for a generation or two, but that’s about all- and that’s a lot of work for a reward you mostly won’t even be around for.

So I’d suggest you just sing a song, dance a dance, kiss your girl, and enjoy what we have right now.

It’s more than enough.



2 thoughts on “I don’t want to fade away…

  1. …I have never worried about fading away… at least not in the frame of public consciousness… I have only been concerned from fading from the thoughts and memories of the ones who I have meant something to and among those who I hold in high esteem… (like YOU..! :0)


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