“What’s the plan, Phil?”

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, it wasn’t a spontaneous act of resistance.  It was planned.  She deliberately pushed over the first domino to set off a chain of events.

Her arrest was a galvanizing point meant to solidify the boycott against the municipal bus system, with the specific goal of ending segregation on the buses- and it worked.

That’s what’s missing when “Black Lives Matter” shuts down an interstate.  Okay, you have inconvenienced thousands of people, making them late to work and doctor’s appointments; you’ve forced ambulances and fire trucks to take take slower, more crowded alternate routes; you’ve probably caused a few minor fender-benders as cars unexpectedly slam on their brakes to slow from highway speeds to a dead stop; you’ve got everybody looking at you- just like you wanted- and now what?

And here’s where we’re getting crickets. I’m not seeing a plan or piece of legislation being promoted.  It all seems rather pointless.

A protest without a plan is just a tantrum.