“I don’t want to use this as an excuse, and it’s come up so many times, but my stomach ailment has been one of the biggest barriers that stopped us from touring. I was dealing with it for a long time. But after a person experiences chronic pain for five years, by the time that fifth year ends, you’re literally insane. I couldn’t cope with anything. I was as schizophrenic as a wet cat that’s been beaten.”  ~Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stone Interview, 01/27/1994 (via MissFlapper)

Have you ever dove deep into the water and stayed down too long, and you find yourself desperately clawing towards the surface,  feeling like your lungs are going to burst?  Do you remember the feeling when you finally break through and take that long, deep, breath of air?

That’s how it feels for me when my back stops hurting.

I remember when Kurt died, people like Andy Rooney couldn’t wait to criticize, almost gleeful that the rock star came to a sad end.

They didn’t know how lucky they were not to understand.


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