In this excerpt from the article “Teaching Mindfulness to Young People” in the September 2016 issue of The Lions Roar, Ofuso Jones-Quartery (aka Born I Music) describes a simple exercise he uses to teach meditation to young people:

“Finger Breathing”

In this exercise, the students hold out their left hand and, with their right pointer finger, trace around each left-hand finger.  Each time they trace upward they breathe in; each time they trace downward the breathe out.  By the time they’ve done the whole left hand they’ve taken five focused breaths, then they trace in reverse to make it ten.  This is something they can practice discreetly by putting their left hands on their laps and tracing and breathing at any point in the day when they need to focus, come back to the moment, or relax.


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  1. Thank you for posting this! I am doing it!


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