But I think

From the preface to Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Volume 9:  Navajo Political Process by Aubrey W. Williams, Jr., ©1970:

by an unknown Navajo

For long time
      there have been meetings
      of many men
      for many days.
At the meetings
      there is talking
Some this way,
      some that way.
In the morning
      when my father
      leaves for meeting
      he says to us,
      “When I come here again
      then I will know
      if it be best
      to have many sheep
      or a few sheep,
      to use the land
      or let it sleep.”
      when my father
      comes home from meeting
      he does not know
      which talking way to follow.
      when my father
      came home from meeting
      he just sat looking
      and looking.
Then my mother
      spoke to me.
She said
      “A meeting is like rain.
      When there is little talk
      now and then,
      here and there,
      it is good.
It makes thoughts grow as
      little rain makes corn grow.
But big talk, too much,
      is like a flood
      taking things of long
      standing before it.”
My mother
      said this to me,
      but I think
      she wanted my father
      to hear it.


  1. markonit

    …that must have been a harsh realization for the husband to have heard…


  2. loweb3

    Think this is why I’ve done more meditation lately than reading.

    Mom sounds like a Taoist.


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