The best of all possible worlds

Every four years we’re given two new candidates, and people divide up into teams.  We’re told that one candidate has been Anointed by the Gods to usher in a new era of Peace and Prosperity, while the other candidate is the Spawn of Satan who will surely be The Ruin of Us All.

And every four years we’re told, “No, this year it’s really true!”

I’ll just let you guys fight it out among yourselves.

I have to cultivate my garden.



2 thoughts on “The best of all possible worlds

  1. …this is one election, the second election of my adulthood, where the candidates we both themselves from the “basket of deplorables” and where my conspiracy theories begin to flourish and I grow more resentful of the handful of people who think that it is their destiny to determine the lives of billions …


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