Excerpted from Eternal Troubadour:  the Improbable Life of Tiny Tim by Justin Martell, ©2016:

Shortly after Tiny died, Sue’s father joined her at the hospital.

“How is he?” He asked.

“He’s gone,” Sue replied.

A nurse delivered Tiny’s wedding ring and a Celtic cross necklace Sue had given him very recently.  Then she and her father said a prayer in the hospital chapel and left.  The same limousine that had ferried Tiny and Sue to the benefit now took her home.  As she stepped out of the limo, she was greeted by  the “most unbearable sight of the evening”:  the footprints she and Tiny had left in the snow on the way out of the house.

It’s always something that gets you:  fading footprints in the snow, a song on the radio, a blinking light on the answering machine; something that remind us that we don’t know, can’t know, didn’t know.

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  1. markonit

    …wow… that is something … I have moments like this when those who were dear to me return in some song, television program, or sporting event…


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