No Complaints

There’s a feature called “Jimmy the Bartender“ in Men’s Health magazine, and this Q&A is from the October 2016 issue.  In my experience, this is how men complain about women, and the women in my life say this is how they complain about men:

I know that guys complain about jobs, cars, and teams.  What do women complain to you about?
~Robert, Denver, CO

The thing you left off your list, Robert, is women.  And for women, the number one item is men.  Women complain about men far more than men complain about women.  When men complain about women, it’s like me complaining about weather- no way to predict, mad one day, not mad the next.  But when women complain about men, they’re specific:  he does this and says that; he said X in 1998 but now he says Y.  In my experience, men drink to forget; women drink to remember.  And complain.


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  1. markonit

    … it sounds a little typical… I have been a subscriber to Men’s Health for over ten years and I really enjoy Jimmy’s advice… but this one is a little subtle… it isn’t only to remember that women drink… but to formulate a plan of action… men are fearful, which is why they are drinking to forget…


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