You Really Don’t

“When I used to eat corn on the cob, I was really having butter and salt.  Now I eat corn on the cob and it’s the sweetest thing I ever put in my mouth.  Lay off salt and butter for three weeks.  You think you know what green beans taste like, but you really don’t.  It will blow your fucking mind.”  ~Penn Jillette, in Men’s Health November 2016


2 thoughts on “You Really Don’t

  1. You know what is nice, and I have experimenting a bowl of cooked green peas, fried peppers and choice of seasoning very nice and plus very rich in vitamin C. I will upload a article of my experience when I next have it.

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  2. …I read that article and I have been reframing my relationship with food as part of my changing of how I relate to the world… good article, though I think that what Penn Gillette found is specific to him…


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