Excerpted from an article by Arjuna Ardagh in the Elephant Journal:

Jonathan heard about a great teacher in India. He was so impressed with what he had heard that he decided to travel to meet the teacher. Of course, going anywhere in India is inconvenient, so after plane rides and bus rides and rickshaw rides, he ended up meeting the esteemed and venerable swami.

After bowing down in the way customary to Indian culture, this teacher said to Jonathan, “Would you like me to give you the mantra that will set you free forever?”

Jonathan gulped. This was unexpected. Were they really going straight to third base on a first date?

“Yes,” said my friend, “that would be wonderful.”

“Okay,” said the swami. “The mantra that will set you free forever and alleviate all suffering are the words…”

A pregnant pause, a silent drum roll…

“…thank you.”

Another pause of shocked disbelief…

“That’s it?” said Jonathan. “That’s it?”

“No,” said the swami. “Not that’s it. That’s it will create more and more suffering. The mantra is thank you.”

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  1. …it is interesting how minds of a certain bent find themselves attracted the similar things… I am a fan of Elephant Journal as well… sometimes, I think that YOUR BLOG is a site not unlike the Journal..! A grounded place where you can take a break and take some time out for the things that are often overlooked during the day…


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