All of us

One battle conservatives have won, for at least a generation, is that government can no longer be seen as a tool to help people.  It seems to exist mainly to protect the interests of the leisure class- and as a corollary, to keep the working class in their place.

So if you’re sick, you’re on your own; if you’re poor, you’re on your own; if you’re hungry, you’re on your own; if you’re homeless, you’re on your own.  This is being spun as “freedom.”

And it’s discouraging- but we’re not helpless.  We just have to look for other ways to take care of each other.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to look at our local communities and find ways to get involved, hands-on.  It’s not enough to change the icon on our Facebook page or share a clever meme with our friends, we have to show up in person and help people face-to-face.

We can do a lot of good in this world, together.

Don’t leave anybody on their own.



One thought on “All of us

  1. …the problem with this… is that people, at least in large numbers, are unable to take action because so many of us are slaves to our own moments…


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