Excerpt from The Will Rogers Book compiled by Paula McSpadden Love, ©1971:

Will’s mother died when he was ten years old, and somehow he always carried the hurt of this parting.  Instinctively his heart was touched by anyone who was motherless.  His sisters, Sallie, Maud and May, were devoted to him and left nothing undone for their young brother.  His father seldom denied him anything.  To them he was always someone very special.  Neighboring ranchers and all the relatives felt he belonged to them.  Their homes were always open to “Uncle Clem’s boy.”  It was this love he prized so much that he never grew apart from the “home folks.”  In fact, his years of success intensified his love for his people, and it was no wonder everyone in the Southwest claimed kin to him.

If you look closely at anyone who is good and kind, or someone who is evil and vindictive, you’ll find the same root cause:  suffering.

Some people will spend their lives doing their best to make sure nobody else suffers as they did, and some will spend their lives trying to make sure everyone suffers as badly as they have.

I think which path they take is a reflection of the compassion that was directed towards them when they needed it most.


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  1. markonit

    …I have to agree… those who have been touched by love in their moments of despair never forget the favor… just as those for whom the object of frustrations were the only gifts they received hold fast to the bitter memories of their perceived slights…


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