I’m weary

I sit down to meditate, and find myself pacing.  I start to chant and pause halfway through, realizing that while my body is fingering the beads and reciting the prayers my mind is someplace else, lost in worry and apprehension.

I can’t find my way home.


2 thoughts on “I’m weary

  1. I totally, TOTALLY understand. I think we ALL feel this way a lot of times. It’s very , very hard, especially in today’s busy world and troubled times to quiet our minds. Even in sleep, we cannot fully rest at times. But keep trying! don’t give up. I won’t give up , either. Sometimes it’s a matter of just keep doing it…


  2. …this is the song of a wandering mind… lost in the spinnings of the world trying to see what is actually there before it if they only would take the time…


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