I Just Hope He Doesn’t Get Any Uglier

The Killers
by Leonard Cohen
from The Energy of Slaves (1972) (via)

The killers that run

   the other countries

are trying to get us

to overthrow the killers

   that run our own

I for one

prefer the rule

   of our native killers

I am convinced

   the foreign killer

will kill more of us

than the old familiar killer does

   Frankly I don’t believe

anyone out there

really wants us to solve

our social problems

   I base this all on how I feel

about the man next door

I just hope he doesn’t

   get any uglier

Therefore I am a patriot

I don’t like to see

   a burning flag

because it excites

the killers on either side

to unfortunate excess

which goes on gaily

   quite unchecked

until everyone is dead

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