Zelda Fitzgerald

Excerpted from the book I’m currently reading,  Zelda: A Biography by Nancy Milford © 1970:

She also had a knack of drawing attention to herself. Stories about her escapades abound in Montgomery. There is one about when Zelda, having nothing better to do on a fine summery day, called up the fire department and told them that a child was caught on a roof and couldn’t get down. Then Zelda got a ladder, climbed up to the roof of her own house, pushed the ladder away and waited. The fire engine came clanging its bell and the neighbors rushed out to see where the fire was. There Zelda sat marooned, and delighted by the commotion.

It’s probably a lot funnier when it’s not your child.


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  1. …wow… talk about egocentric..! I wonder if the current officeholder in the White House doesn’t feel similar..?


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