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If you own the app Yoga Studio, DON’T UPDATE IT.

The “update” bricks the app.  Then they offer to re-sell it to you at a substantially higher subscription rate.

I don’t know how this can possibly be legal, but nevertheless they’re doing it.

(As a rule of thumb:  never update an app that works.  Whatever changes they make are not generally for your benefit.)

Edit:  Below is the response from Apple Support.  (tl;dr:  “You’re fucked.  Too bad.”)  My response is, “Since I can’t buy apps with confidence with an Apple product, I no longer need products from Apple.”

My name is Rachel, and I’m a Senior Advisor with the iTunes Store Customer Support Team.

I understand that you have been voicing complaints regarding a major change made by the developers of the “Yoga Studio” app. Previously, individuals who had purchased the premium “Yoga Studio” app had full access to its services, however the developers have since decided to move towards offering access only to those who pay for a separate subscription, blocking out access to free and paid users alike. This change has not been sitting well with many users, including yourself.

I’d probably be more than a bit upset to lose access to content and access I had paid for previously, and can definitely understand writing in after learning that the same access would only be unlocked via a separate, paid subscription. I will gladly do everything I can to help, and to explain the situation.

Before we begin, please understand that each app developer has the power to manage every aspect of their applications, and they can make changes at any time. As a result, I must advise that refunding your original purchase will not be possible. It is the developers alone who are responsible for making any adjustments to their apps as they see fit, as well as being responsible for addressing customer concerns and complaints.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to contact the developer directly to express your concern over their changes, and potentially ask how their changes will affect those like yourself who had bought the app in the past.

In the meantime, I have also taken this situation a step further and have escalated our case, and your complaints, to our App Review Team.

While I can’t say for certain what will happen as a result of our submission, I can assure you that our App Review Team will investigate the app and the claims against it as fully as possible, and will ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Please note that there is a chance that our App Review Team may need to take ownership of this case during the course of their investigation. If this were to happen, I would lose the ability to write back to you, and instead, it would be our App Review Team who might ask you for more information directly. Should this come to pass, please continue to write to them the same way you would write back to me.

Finally, I would strongly suggest leaving a new review and adjusting any previous ratings you may have left in the past for this particular app. Since I cannot say for certain how long it may take for our App Review Team to take action, leaving a review is a good way to share your view with and experience with others.

For more information regarding our responsibilities regarding third party applications, as well as our refund policies, please see:

Thank you for your understanding. Should there be anything else I might be able to help with or look in to regarding your iTunes Store purchases or your account, please feel free to write back. I would be happy to help again.



iTunes Store Customer Support 

Senior Advisor

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  1. markonit

    …thanks for that info… I did not know that that is how they loaded their ads..!


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